Decoding Motion - A new path way for your motion development

When reflecting about the evolution of movement in human history one realizes that two distinct artistic disciplines of movement have existed since the dawn of the ages., Two disciplines that have transcended time and have contributed immensely to our understanding of movement and physical development throughout human evolution.

These two disciplines are – the art of dancing and the art of fighting.

No matter your gender, no matter your race, you can be sure of one thing: your great great ancestors who-ever they were, where-ever they came from, they were all dancing and they were all fighting.

Dancing and fighting are in our blood, ingrained in our D.N.A and hold tremendous knowledge about movement that transcends even our own grasp and understanding of time.

As a martial artist, a professional dancer and a creative artist I feel privileged to be able to share my practice, my research and my art through both of the discipline’s artistic and technical dimensions and to have the opportunity to merge them together into a practice that touches people’s hearts its most instinctual way.


Decoding Motion project - is a source for movement knowledge and research for developing movement intelligence.
The project is taking a large share of knowledge and inspiration mainly from the world of martial arts, contemporary dance and performing arts.

It combines the teachings and insights of different traditions, movement disciplines, art, philosophies and various schools of thought towards decoding and better understanding human movement.

Great emphasis and observation is being directed towards exploring and understanding the connections between body, mind and spirit.


The word Decoding when referred to by artificial intelligence engineers is to use an abstract and conceptual terminology in order to be able to deeply understand, explore and later perform and explain a specific task or action.


In developing movement intelligence just like in developing any other intelligence whether artificial, cognitive or emotional, we are basically doing the same thing.


By researching these abstract concepts and ideas we obtain a greater understanding and a much sharper idea of the specific actions or movements we wish to explore and later on embody and craft on our own.

All this with respecting the idea of practice and repetition of the specific task or skill we are trying to devlop in.


By zooming in and out with our practice not only do we get a deeper understanding of our specific practice but also challenge ourselves to move further outside of our comfort zones, becoming inspired by unknown territories and keeping our own practice fun, interesting, forever evolving, playful and alive.


In the Decoding Motion practice we aim to develop movement intelligence using the core principals practiced and inspired from the worlds of dance and martial arts.

Exploring the connections and interfaces they share as well as recognizing their limitations and differences.

This practice can then be use to achieve a better connection and synergy between our body, mind and spirit.

Decoding Motion is offering different training platforms for various levels from beginners to intermediates ​to professionals in open workshops, seminars, retreats and is taught in professional dance schools around the world, among others: at The Place / London, Trois_CL / Luxemburg, professional Dance / Leeds, Tanzfabrik / Berlin, Dock 11 / Berlin, Off dance / Switzerland, Vertigo Dance School and Company, Adama dance school / Israel, Dance perfect / Prague, Nunart / barcelona and many more.