A new path way for your motion development

Decoding Motion movement research and development project - is an open source for movement knowledge, research and development for movement intelligence between different practitioners, artists and other professional and inspirational people around the world.

As the project grows and develops it is taking over a large share of wisdome and insights new and old from different traditions,disciplines, methods and schools of thought into human physicality and mentality, mainly in the field of human movement along with other fields that interface and interact with it directly or indirectly such as breath work, body work, neuro science, art, philosophy, medicin etc.​


We learn how to develop our own movement intelligence using different  techniques practiced and inspired from various disciplines, mainly from the worlds of martial arts and dance as well as other fields of movement prectice while exploring the connections, differences and interfaces they share between them.


We  practice and learn different concepts, principles and techniques and explore how they can all be merged together in order to achieve more freedom, flow and esthetics in our movement.

In the training we will recognize and pin point our strengths and weaknesses, learn techniques how to accelerate our progress, induce learning abilitties and high performance in our training and in our movement abilities.

The project's trainings are suitable for movers at all ages and levels.

The only requirement is a passion and desire for exploring movement, open mind, motivation and willingness to learn in order to achieve substantial breakthroughs in both your motions physical and mental aspects.