Creative vision and artistic philosophy



When reflecting about the evolution of movement development in human history its interesting to think about that there were actually two quite distinct disciplines of movement that existed all throughout the dawn of the ages, two distinct disciplines that had transcended time and that has contributed immensely to our movement understanding and physical development all throughout our evolution.

These two disciplines are - dancing and fighting.

No matter your gender, no matter your race, you can bet one thing for sure, your great great ancestors who ever they are, where ever they came from, they were all dancing and they were all fighting.


Dancing and fighting are in our blood, ingrained in our D.N.A and hold tremendous knowledge and information about movement that transcends even our own grasp and understanding of time.

Far beyond teachers and great masters and far beyond any claims or ownership but in nature's own true biological lineage.


With the years as martial art has developed and grown it transcended from an art of self defense or even attack or offense into an art of knowing one self.

The greatest teaching that a “ronin” (a student of martial arts) gets is the teaching that teaches him more about himself and his place in this world. Dealing with adversity, pain, struggle. Sadness, sorrow in a healthy way that will allow live and thrive. In a sense through the art of “fighting” he learns how to find peace, how to let go, he learns about Zen.

And in later years as the martial art world has become more and more performative in its essence it has collected much knowledge and tools for human movement and allowed martial artists to become extremely developed and intelligent with their own physicality.

With dance we have yet another very interesting story. As the origins of fighting and grappling can be found in almost all animals in nature.

The art of dancing has always been our own instinctual physical expression that has made us human.

In all ancient cultures there are documentations of dance and dance rituals that shows us that since ages we understood that dance has the power to take us into a different state of mind, a higher state of consciousness and spiritual experiences.

With the development of dance, its restrictions, its stigma and the decay of the art of theater. Dance in our time is sadly saved for a fortunate few.

It is not considered “normal” to just dance. Unless you’re a professional dancer or unless you had something to drink or get high in a party or a wedding.

The sacred space for dance and its true essence since the begging of time has been lost in nowadays culture all together with its magic and the medicinal impact on our body, mind and spirit.


As a martial artist, a professional dancer and a creative artist I feel privileged to be able to share my practice, my research and my art through both dimensions and to have the opportunity in this day and age to combine and merge them together into a practice that touches people hearts its most instinctual way.

We were all born to dance and we were all born to fight, and what it takes is for us to unlearn all the bias, all the stigmas and so called “norms” of nowadays sick culture in order to connect again and come back to our bodies, minds and spirits in the most natural form that we know since the beginning of time.