Iftach Vardi - Decoding Motion founder and artistic director

Iftach Vardi is a contemporary dancer and independent creator with an extensive background in martial arts. With over twenty years of experience, he has built his foundations in the disciplines of Muay Thai, Krav Maga and Capoeira.

His research within the contemporary dance world and performance art together with his martial art background has allowed him to create and develop his own unique movement research platform that offers an integrative dialogue between the worlds of dance, performing art and martial arts.

He has and still is training, researching, working for and collaborating with different masters, teachers, artists, choreographers and directors from all around the world.

He gained his martial arts skills through training with the Israeli masters Roei “sababa” Lev,  Itzik Franko, Zeev Cohen and Gome rotem.


Between 2019-2020 he was and still is working on collaborations for and with the following choreographers and directors: Sharon Hilleli Asa, Ryan Heffington, Kiani el Valle, Nacho Gayan, Kristian Lever and Karoline strys. 


Other artists that Iftach has trained either consistently with through the years or attended their Masterclasses and intensive workshops are Regev “Simba” Molduvani, Linda Kapetanea, Edivaldo Ernesto, Fighting Monkeys, Wim Vondekeybus, Fransisco Cordova and many more.

In 2016 Iftach Vardi founded the DECODING MOTION – movement research and development project.

This project presents core principles taken mainly from the worlds of martial arts and contemporary dance and explores their various interfaces, limitations and differences in order to allow movers from all disciplines to grow and develop further in their own fields and expand their movement intelligence and training skills.


DECODING MOTION movement research and development seminars and workshops are held around the world and can be adapted to several levels and ages depending on the desires of the facilitating school or institutions.

Seminars and Workshops have been held around the world, among others at The Place / London, Trois_CL / Luxemburg, professional Dance / Leeds, Tanzfabrik / Berlin, Off dance / Switzerland, Vertigo Dance School and Company, Adama dance school / Israel, Dance perfect / Prague.