Learn to train smarter

As the Decoding Motion project grows and develops as well as its practioners and followers there is a need for a well framed and continuous training that is designed to fit the needs and levels of the individuals who follow the project and are interested to develop their movement intelligence even further.

Decoding Motion online training programs consists of the following:

- Conceptual and practical training:

Shaping and refining your movement qualities and practice using different ideas and terminologies used in the worlds of dance and martial arts.

- Keys and tools for developing movement intelligence:

Decoding your movement patterns in order to "unlearn"

undesired patterns and then "recoding" and embody new patterns using various coordinations, isolations, sequencing and closed forms.

- Conditioning and strength training for supporting and balancing the Decoding Motion practices and your own movement needs, discipline requirements, general fitness, wellbeing and health.

- floor work and soft acrobatics:

Introduction to the basics and fundamentals of soft acrobatics and floor work techniques supported by step by step exercises to improve your flow and dance and technique. 

the online training programs are suitable for all ages and movement skill levels and are written based on your own movement preferences and individual needs and can focus on certain areas more than the others.

the programs course of time is 1-3 months and offers a costum made training plans, training videos ,weekly feedback on your sent back video materials as well as periodical direct personal contact, skype calls and chats.