Looking to find a better connection with your own body?


Learning and understanding concepts and techniques that will help you achieve more freedom and flow with your own movement training and self practice?


Training is open for everyone!!! designed and recommended for absolutely all levels of practitioners for decoding their own physicality and unraveling an honest and deep embodied training practice


All movement enthusiasts as well as contemporary dancers, martial artists, yogis, contact improv and all freestyle movers of all levels!!!


You're all invited to come and explore new ways to develop and expand your movement intelligence.

What turns a mover to a movement artist?

How do we train our bodies in order to become better dancers, fighters, athletes aka "movers"?

What are the qualities and skills we should focus on in our practice in order to grow and progress in our own movement disciplines and abilities and to become a more efficient and intelligent mover?

We will present the concepts of space, time and energy in relation to movement and learn how they can be used in order to develop a more aware and intelligent expression of the body.

What is flow? And how do we get in and out of the states of flow?

One of the more useful tools for one's success or lack of it, is the ability to enter a state of flow in his or her's practice and presence. Also once the state of flow is achieved, one's ability to sustain this state for long periods of time.

How do we induce and go in to great states of flow in our practice in order to achieve a much more effective training, reach personal goals and get faster results?

We will go into the depths of learning how to decode different movements, coordination, techniques for floor work and soft acrobatics.

Freedom vs structure:
To research and practice this subject we will use tools for improvisation, composition in space and practice structured choreography in order to develop in our own technique. Despite being opposites, they complement each other and are very important aspects of training.

All of these will be addressed in this Decoding Motion movement research and development training.We will experiment with different concepts, ideas and fundamentals taken mainly from the realms of martial arts and contemporary dance. We will present tools for technique, improvisation, partnering and composition work that will help you enrich your personal dance vocabulary and movement intelligence.

Decoding Motion project is taught all around the world. The training is designed to fit all levels and progressions are designed from beginner levels all the way up to more advanced practitioners.

More info about the project at https://www.decodingmotion.com.



If by reason, beyond the control of either party, the workshop is cancelled, exclusively for reasons attributable to the organization, it is the obligation of the organization to repay the entire amount paid for participation. If you decide to cancel unfortunately payment can not be refunded.

Please make sure that you can make the dates.

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