Kseniya  Apresian

Ksenia Asperyan @_one ticket please


As a professional dancer, a martial artist, creator and a teacher I feel blessed and honored to have the opportunity to share my research and artistic work with professional dancers, dance students and movement students from all around the world. 

With every year going by as I develop further as a teacher and as a creator my desires to share my thoughts and perspectives are getting stronger.


Through the project’s training, workshops and different seminars and masterclasses around the globe I never stop learning, getting inspired and witnessing my development and growth together with the many talented and curious students and collaborators I am greatful to have met along my path.


I have been and still am vigorously training, researching, working for and collaborating with different masters, teachers, artists, choreographers and directors from all around the world.


All that in order to develop further my research in dance, theater andperforming arts and to offer students of the project a high caliber training platform that provides an integrative dialogue between the worlds of dance, performing art and martial arts.

Along this path I am also concentrating on my own choreographic creations, allowing the knowledge and experience I gathered throughout the years to find its own voice and artistic expression through my style of dance and  performance.


I am interested in forming collaborations with fellow artists as well as production houses and festivals, which can help to facilitate, initiate and partner with my artistic vision. 


I am on a jurney to cuntinue to expand this path of research, pedagogy and creativity along side my collaboraters and supporting culture centres in Europe and Israel.